Now we come to where the real content lies, for the most part at least. Most of what is contained in this section is fanfiction. Fanfiction is, by definition, work that is derivative of another work. It does, in fact, work on the basis that the author, yours truly in this case, is borrowing (some would say stealing) characters or situations from another author's work. It is predicated on the fact that the author of the fanfiction is not writing for any gain beyond personal satisifaction and an appreciation of the work it is derived from. Luckily, I have a penchant for fandoms so old they're public domain, but for those that I have that aren't, let this be my disclaimer. Not making money, don't sue me, love my fandom, don't like being burnt at stake.

As for ratings go, suffice to say that since most of my work is derived from Les Misérables, a novel that features lots of death, poverty, prostituon and any number of not very nice things, my fic is hardly all sunshine and roses. Some of it is also slash. That which is, is labeled. Avoid it or don't, I don't expect what I enjoy writing to be what everyone enjoys reading. Rest assured there is het here too, so don't despair too much. That being said, I do hope people enjoy some of what I've written. I may be doing it for myself, but I don't exist in a vaccuum. Feedback makes me happy.

Les Misérables

The Knight-Errant and His Fan Painter, Work in Progress- Courfeyrac/Feuilly. René helps Daniel acquire a commission for a painting from a friend of his mother's, but family difficulties arise and the impending 1830 revolution complicate matters even further.
part one | part two | part three | part four

Initium Sapientiae, Work in Progress - Actually a Les Mis/La Bohéme cross over. Feuilly works with Marcel at the fan workshop, and attempts to interest his friends in politics, but fails. When Musette brings her latest conquest to Café Momus, Feuilly is introduced to the world of the Café Musain, and conflict ensues.
part one

La Bohéme

Aprés le Deluge - Musetta reflects on her relationship with Marcello. Just after Act II at Momus.

The Silence of Life - Postscript to the finale. Musetta/Marcello central, not that we're surprised.

The Coast of Utopia

A Mockery of a Love Affair - Alternate conception of the Herzens and the Ogarevs after 1851. Natalie Herzen does not die shortly after her son, but things are still extremely complicated.

Final Spring - Liubov Bakunin goes to Florence to visit her sister Varenka and, more importantly, Nicholas Stankevich, in the spring of 1838, shortly before her death. Very sobby and soppy, for no reason other than I felt like it.

Original Fiction

Don't Throw Out Much Ado - Stream of consciousness and rather odd musings on the creative process.

If you're still not satisfied, my writing journal is where all the in progress bits, drabbles, and bits that didn't make the cut are posted. Or you can check out the Les Mis Fan Fiction Index or Gleams Which Pass, a weekly Les Mis drabble challenge community.

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