So I originally had planned on being very nifty and HTML happy and actually making up thumbnails for all of these pictures and making a really, truly lovely looking photo gallery. And then I remembered how exceptionally lazy I am at base, and decided that Yahoo!Photos, despite being a coroporate megalopoly of doom, is infinitely easier. So here you are, the photos, in not so spectacular format.

If you'd like to just browse at will, go here and you can do so to your heart's content. If you'd like more specific links, look below.

New Years 2002, yes that means I was drunk.

Bastille Day 2002, in which I prove my geekiness once again by dressing up in an 18th C. robe a l'anglaise.

Stage door pics, that are unsorted as of yet. Only a few up, but I may do some reorganisation as I get more uploaded.

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