Which Musical Theatre Heroine Are You?

First off, where ya from toots?

A big, metropolitan city
A small town
A big city, but a little dingier and less metropolitan than the one before

And where did you end up?

Another big, metropolitan city
A big dirty city
A small town, but a different one at least

What do you think about men?

They're pawns, all pawns in my little game! ::sniff:: Except for mine that is. ::grin::
They're good for saving me from creepy guys
They're dirty scum. I just wish they hadn't screwed me over so badly
They serve their purpose, a nice square jawed meal ticket. ::squeak:: Ah screw it, I love 'em!
I've never given it much thought, men aren't interested in me. ::sigh::

Speaking of men, are you involved?

::sparkling smile:: Married, of course ::slight twitch::
Divorced ::grumble::
Engaged or otherwise involved
::sniff:: Why'd you have to ask me that?
Widowed, but we're still married at heart

Describe yourself:

Witty, charming, alluring
Sweet and feminine
Dedicated and hard working
A dreamer, a little insecure
A go-getter, the world is your oyster

Do you like being the center of attention?

Yes, I'm an actress!
It's alright, but more fun in a group
Not really
If I'm doing something important

In most of your relationships you are:

The dominant one
The subservient one
The one who gets screwed over
It's about 50/50, dominant to subservient

Your ideal man is:

Tall, dashing, and well dressed
Dark and brooding (and kind of an ass)
One who doesn't leave
Any man who loves me and I can respect
Rich, and my boss

Your ideal evening is:

A quiet dinner at home with a friend and maybe some reading
A trip to the theatre or opera and then cuddling by the fire before bed
Going someplace chic and making an entrance
Spending time with my hero! He saved me, I could care less what we do now!

How do you dress?

Stylish, everything the latest trends
Whatever is in the closet, I'm not that concerned about it
Something pretty, feminine, a lot of pastels

Hypothetical situation: Your significant other is in grave danger. What do you do?

Jump on a boat/in the car/on a trian/etc. and go do everything you can to save him!
Sob hysterically until someone comes to help
Use your brain and try and think your way out of the situation
Freak out, but calm down enough to try and think of something helpful to do

Your deepest darkest secret is:

Not so deep and dark anymore, it's been found out
Loving someone you think you shouldn't
Something involving that creepy guy who used to be around a lot
Hidden insecurity

Free association: Pick any word


Last question, and it's a doozie. Are you HAPPY?

Life has its issues, but yes I am
No, everything has been taken from me
::sigh:: I suppose
No, I want something I can't have

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