The Tony Awards

I love the Tonys. And I hate the Tonys. I get some bizarrely sick pleasure out of being bitter when the people I'm rooting for don't win (as happens EVERY GOD DAMNED YEAR!), I love watching the shows I love get their performances butchered and screaming at the TV (::coughJaneEyrecough::), and I thrill at the occassional surprise when someone worthy and wonderful and DESERVING wins. So here is my lovely tribute to the insanity and marketing bonanza that is the Tonys. I may be bitter, but I still want one dammit.

2003 Tony Picks: No more predictions, just picks. Who would win in a perfect world where I made the decisions.
2002 Predictions: The last year I bothered doing actual picks. Intersting nonetheless I suppose.
2002 Reactions: Responses to the horror that is the Tonys, after the dust has settled.

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